Our approach

At Halys Digital, our consultants are trained in numerous development methods to best meet user expectations. Depending on the project, we deploy an Applied Project Management Assistance approach in either agile or turnkey mode.

Our practical approach is based on a direct link between the client company and its dedicated project leader via collaborative tools (Skype, Trello, etc.) on a daily basis with one day per week immersion in the partner company.

AMOA, projets agiles, clés en main, supports applicatifs et déploiement

Applied Project Management Assistance – APMA

The aim of Applied Project Management Assistance, APMA, is to support projects by making available all the means and skills necessary to achieve the objectives. Through reactivity and client benefit focused approach, at Halys Digital, our project leaders make every effort to help users formalise, design and manage the software simply. We can adapt the language we use with your representatives, whether industry experts or computer analysts in charge of development. Our APMA project leaders talk with end users as equals from the launch of the project through to completion, guaranteeing optimal comprehension of the needs of each throughout the project.

Agile projects

Our agile approach sets us apart from traditional project management, offering a development path made up of several short sprints: interactions and validation stages between the project leader and end user. This agility helps us avoid the tunnel effect of traditional long development projects, which sometimes result in solutions that do not correspond to real needs or which have not managed to adapt appropriately in line with the desired changes. At Halys Digital, our agile approach involves business teams in the design, testing and validation phases to ensure that the end product responds fully to the original needs and that any adjustments that come to light during development are taken into account.

This approach is particularly suited to mobile application developments and projects based on Business Intelligence (BI).

Turnkey projects

Our turnkey projects, also referred to as “flat-rate”, respond to requirements set out in specifications co-drafted by the project leader and user. At Halys Digital, our consultants undertake to draft rigorous specifications, promoting impeccable implementation and obtaining an end product that corresponds to your request. As part of our development optimisation approach, we incorporate methods used in agile mode to enable the user to test and evaluate the product functionalities.

Our ETL processes are generally used to respond to turnkey projects.

Application support

Application support is essential in helping companies engaging in digital transformation. Faced with new tools, employees need assistance to maintain their skill levels, update software and prevent computer bugs. At Halys Digital, we have a team dedicated to these types of services to manage incidents, maintenance and minor changes. Ticket management is provided either by Halys Digital directly or by a third-party partner.

Getting started

At Halys Digital, web design intuitive, simple-to-use solutions. Our aim is to enable the user to be autonomous in terms of its management and daily use. Brief user guides, wizards or on boarding are offered to complete the activation of services.

If necessary, for certain Digital Transformation or BI analysis projects, some training may be deployed within the company to consolidate employee knowledge.


At Halys Digital, we offer several services involving different technologies to support the digital transformation of companies

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications enable you to access business processes and guide rapid decision-making wherever you are


Business Intelligence (BI) enables you to make the right decisions simply and intelligently using thorough data analysis

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation help you focus on value added actions for employees by the mean of automated tasks and processes. The combination of low-code development, bots and AI gives you the best approach.


ETL (Extraction Transformation Loading) extracts, transforms and loads data from one server to another to accelerate your business processes

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