Supporting you in the digital transformation of your business

We know that you need support when engaging in a period of transition. At Halys Digital, our team is your committed partner from the earliest phase through to operational deployment. We design, develop, deploy and provide practical support to your company throughout the digital transformation process, helping you remain competitive and accelerate your business.

Resolutely focused on client benefit and satisfaction, our application and software solutions are designed to be intuitive, deployable using mobile technology and useful both for end users in the field as well as for rapid strategic decision-making.

At Halys Digital, we are a human enterprise that relies on the skills and well-being of our employees to provide complete success in our projects with partner companies.

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Sylvain Le Moël
President of Halys Digital

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At Halys Digital, we offer several services involving different technologies to support the digital transformation of companies

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications enable you to access business processes and guide rapid decision-making wherever you are


Business Intelligence (BI) enables you to make the right decisions simply and intelligently using thorough data analysis


Business Process Management (BPM) models business processes using computer and/or application processing for greater efficiency every day in the field


ETL (Extraction Transformation Loading) extracts, transforms and loads data from one server to another to accelerate your business processes

Accelerate the digital transformation of your company

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