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Accelerating the digital transformation of a company brings with it new needs, such as the new IT knowledge and skills required to rise to these new challenges. At Halys Digital, we undertake to respond to these changes by recruiting professionals who can support companies in their digital and mobile technology transformation.

At Halys Digital, we specialise in IT consulting for digital transformation and mobile technology

Our team is made up of numerous professionals with complementary expertise to meet all the IT needs of companies: product managers, BI consultants, software engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, etc. At Halys Digital, our employees are fully dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients through the use of various specific approaches depending on the project: APMA, agile mode, turnkey, etc.

Varied project missions

The companies, micro businesses/SMEs and major clients, with whom we work come from various business sectors: services, mass distribution, media, etc…

Joining the Halys Digital team means you will be involved in a variety of projects around the themes of BI, BPM, ETL and mobile applications. As illustrated by Anthony: “From the outset, I wanted my work to having meaning by developing applications with a high functional added value” and Stéphanie: “Meeting and discussing my ideas with clients made me100% involved in each of my projects”, both consultants recruited in 2016.

Considerate management and flexible working

At Halys Digital, represented by our President Sylvain Le Moël, we have a considerate management style, promoting employee well-being. Managers are available and happy to listen, guaranteeing genuine fluidity for teams in the monitoring of projects. Popular among Halys Digital employees: “team support and consideration” and “need for high-quality work and to keep a critical eye”.

Our team works in agile mode and the company promotes spaces for co-working and teleworking as highlighted by Thomas: “The possibilities provided by distance working, the true heart of Halys Digital, offer new flexibility in time management. It is a system that suits me perfectly and enables me to stay in touch with our clients while working at a controlled and appropriate pace.”

Yali, BI consultant, sums up her collaboration by highlighting her working conditions: “Halys Digital is a young, dynamic company with a pleasant working atmosphere and attractive pay and conditions, where everyone can realize their value”.

Internal training to develop team skills

Professional training is essential to enhance team employability and maximise business skills. Our employees confirm: “Coming from a science background (mathematics), I undertook MicroStrategy training on arrival at Halys Digital” (Stéphanie); “I was able to increase my skills little by little by undertaking training while working on client projects with employees who had a bit more experience” (Anthony).

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  • At Halys Digital, we regularly recruit consultants in mobile technology consulting and deployment, data scientists, mobile application developers, SQL, BI, BPM, ETL specialists, etc.
  • Our team combines business expertise and agile skills to best meet the needs of our clients.
  • Set out specifications, take part in functional developments, design innovative digital tools and get involved in operational deployment with pragmatism, agility, curiosity and autonomy.
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