To support you in your digital transformation, at Halys Digital, we use Appian, a flexible, reactive, multi-device technology.

A platform for your digital transformation

For each business transformation project, our aim is to offer an alternative to an existing set-up. While everyone may agree on the desired outcome of these changes, the long digital transformation process may be out of sync with your immediate needs in terms of digital technology usage.

The technology used by Halys Digital responds to this need for speed through agile design and the use of applications, with the aim making changes to the business processes within a digital environment. Its availability on all digital devices (PC, tablet, Smartphone) provides genuine continuity on the move every day.

Low code is a strength

One of the great strengths of this technology is that it is based on “low code”. This means that it needs little or no knowledge of computer programming or development to be used within your company.

The benefits for IT departments lie in its great reactivity and capacity for rapid implementation. This type of development and prototyping in agile mode means you can draft summary specifications at the launch of the project with the option to readjust them at each sprint.

For users, it ensures they quickly obtain an end product that meets a specific need. This great flexibility means you can monitor changes as the project progresses and also intervene at each stage, should the need arise, to readjust the ongoing developments. A welcome opportunity to involve all business units in your company’s digital transformation