To support you in your digital transformation, at Halys Digital we use Microsoft, a creative, responsive and multidevice technology that combines several technologies such as: Power BI, SSAS, SSIS.

Power BI is a Business Intelligence solution developed by Microsoft to enable organizations to aggregate, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources.

Data analysis is useful for businesses to turn data into actionable information. It allows for better strategic decisions. However, these analyzes require certain technical skills.

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of Business Intelligence analytics tools that enable organizations to aggregate and analyze data, as well as securely share information generated through these analytics in the form of dashboards.

What’s the point ?

Better than a simple Data Visualization solution, it allows Data Analysts to provide reports and analysis to their companies to increase their productivity and creativity. In particular, the Power BI Desktop tool allows you to combine data from many sources on site or in the cloud at any time.

An integrated solution available in multiple media

Microsoft also offers prefabricated dashboards, allowing users to gain further mobility through its mobile application, declination on tablet and smartphone.