To support you in your digital transformation, at Halys Digital, we use MicroStrategy, an intelligent analysis and mobile technology platform.

Technology for the analysis and management of your data

The volume of information that your company collects tends to increase over the years. Data accumulates as your business develops: new clients, new business, new products, etc…

The challenge for each company is to be able to control the data and know how to exploit this mass of information to guide decision-making.

Access information on the move

This technology forms part of the Business Intelligence (BI) field, providing applications that can be used by everyone, on all devices (PCs and mobile devices) and all operating systems.

For IT teams, the advantage of this single platform is that it meets all needs homogeneously, irrespective of the volume of data, number of users or level of sophistication of the application.

For businesses, the benefits lie in its “zero code” development, for rapid and agile implementation according to market developments and need.

Halys Digital: recognised expertise

Halys Digital has partnered theMicroStrategy solution since its creation, with more than 20 years’ experience in the technology. Its first pioneer, Sylvain Le Moël, President of Halys Digital, is currently recognised as an expert in France and abroad in the design and deployment of this technology.